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Creative Journey


Hello, I'm Steven Schellinger a Graphic Designer. My creative professional journey would likely seem long and drawn out, so I will spare you the details and give you a watered down chronological list for those who care to read them.

  1. 2006: Community College for Graphic Design
  2. 2006-2008: Working for a screen-printing and embroidery shop as a Graphic Designer.
  3. 2008-Present: Freelance Graphic Design.
  4. 2009: Received Associates Degree and Computer Graphics Certificate.
  5. 2009-2012: Shepherd University for Mass Communication and minor in Graphic Design.
  6. 2011: Worked for a Video Production company on sets and editing in the studio with Emmy award winning filmmakers for companies like Disney, BBC, The CW, Fox Sports, Disney Cruise Line, and many more.
  7. 2012: Filmed 100's of fitness and self-defense videos for a social media marketer and helped build his following tremendously.
  8. 2013: DP (Director of Photography) for second half of web series, Ghost writer for film, PA (Production Assistant) for Emmy award winning documentary filmmakers, PA for Chipotle documentary, and more.
  9. 2014: DP for feature film, writer for feature film, and consultant.
  10. 2015: Worked for a sign shop as a Graphic Designer.
  11. 2016: Worked for a larger sign company as a Graphic Designer. At the end of the year I got married and bought my first home.
  12. 2017: This was a slow year for me spending much of my time redesigning my home and knocking down walls, building furniture, and more. I've done some designing for professional athletes.
  13. 2018: Working with you. Contact me now to get started.



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