A FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) is, What are your rates?

Short answer is $50 an hour for those not willing to read the following.

In the past I have given my rates on a case by case basis by determining what value I am giving them. I have moved away from this metric in order to make my rates more transparent to my customers before they contact me. My thinking is the more people on the fence about using my services or think they can't afford me can see they can and should hire me. Of course if Nike hires me to do some design work for a SuperBowl commercial I will surely be kicking myself that my prices are not determined based on the value. No big deal (literally) I would still love to help Nike. I do believe my work is underpriced and is a great ROI (Return On Investment) for anyone hiring me. Just Do It if you're considering hiring me, but first take a closer look at my rates.

Shirts- $50 an hour. Most company shirts with simple designs or logos that need to be vectorized only take a half an hour. That's only $25.

Signage- $50 an hour. Most banners and yard signs only take 15 minutes. That's only $12.50.

Branding + Marketing- $50 an hour. Branding design's importance can't be understated and is in every part of a company's design that has effectively communicated to it's target audience and successfully converted eyeballs into sales. If you would like a thorough branding analysis prior to serving your design needs and to execute during design your ROI (Return On Investment) with my design services will be exponentially greater. For most branding situations an hour is added to the design process. That's only $50.

Logos + Mascots- Good logo design incorporates good branding. Thorough branding analysis and direction is involved in my logo design process. This is worked into the logo design pricing. Logos are only $1,000. Mascot design is more artistic and less knowledge base design. Mascots are just $250.

Business Cards- $50 an hour. Most business cards take two hours to design and coordinate that everything is correct. I can order the business cards as well, usually at a discounted rate without up charging you. You only pay what I pay for the cards on top of my design rate. So you're likely to save money there, but you're welcome to use your own printer. That's only $100 plus cost of printing if needed.

Company Identity Packages- Company identity packages pricing depends on what's needed in the package. Logo, stationery designs, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, invoices, folders, and more. Pricing is dependent on what is needed. Company identity packages cost less than the collective sum of the design pieces in your package.  That's the cost advantage of getting a company identity package with me.

Affordable WordPress Websites- Standard 5 page mobile WordPress websites are only $1,000. I will work with you on copywriting, branding, design, and get your site up and running. Domain name purchase, hosting service, and website management if necessary is not included in pricing.

Social Media Management + Consulting- $50 an hour. I can determine which social media platforms to leverage and formulate a plan of attack for them. You can execute or I can. I can design for your social media platforms as well. Pricing is dependent on your needs.

Advertising Strategy and Design- I can determine your best advertising options and act on them with design. My rate is just $50 an hour, but that doesn't include their cost of advertising through mediums and platforms chosen to advertise on.

Digital Character Development- I work with a very talented character sketching artist who can even provide a physical copy of the illustration if you would like. After the character design is approved I make the character in digital format. For two talented artists working on your sketch and digital character development the price of just $500 is very affordable.